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5 softwares to track your ecommerce marketing metrics with a dashboard

You need to track your ecommerce store with marketing metrics and you may want to know – from a macro point of view, all of the stats that are key indicators in your business. Metrics such as daily marketing spend, average order value and daily trend sales are important things you need to track.


These are some of the software applications that you may want to explore if you are running ecommerce and need a dashboard to aggregate your data


  1. KlipFolio


Klipfolio is a marketing dashboard software that allows you to track metrics such as cost per lead, return on investment (ROI), web traffic sources, end action rates etc. It is a top rated dashboard on the G2 and capterra review site, however it is not focused on ecommerce. Klipfolio is great because of its versatility with integrating with other platforms like adwords and facebook and can be used to track large scale marketing campaigns.

However, a downside is that if you are a small business or SME, the software may be a tad 

expensive as prices start at $399 per month if you pay annually and $570 per month if you pay monthly. Klipfolio is clearly designed for the enterprise customer so if you don’t have an additional $500 to splash on tracking your analytics or just starting out, this may not be the best option for you.


  1. Google Data Studio (FREE) for some features


Google Data Studio is a data aggregation platform created by the team over at google so integrate all of the data points from its various google products. As a freemium software where all G suite users can use – data studio is a great tool for beginners who are looking to build dashboards for themselves. 


The native integration makes it very easy for beginners to hop in as the interface is very beginner friendly and it resembles the google docs feel. Data studio is very powerful as you can create graphs, charts, pie charts and even create your own notes within the dashboards.

Once you are done with the final arrangement, you can share the dashboard with decision makers in your company, making it very easy to look at all your data with one glance. 


  1. Supermetrics


Supermetrics is an analytics tool that combines the marketing data from adwords, facebook, bigquery. Think of supermetrics as the glue to various softwares, just like how zapier can glue together various softwares using APIs, supermetrics allows you to pull data for example facebook ads into a google spreadsheet and they sell it as a separate product. It also integrates with data studio so your marketing data can be displayed visually.


Supermetrics also has a product called supermetrics uploader which uploads advertising data from non google products into google analytics. As supermetrics is a standalone tool with various products, their prices range from $39/month for the data studio plugin, $99/month for the google sheet plugin and other products that requires a quote.

For individual products, it seems that Supermetrics has slowly tried transitioning to going upmarket with their prices which has drawn some flak from its users, however as a software that glues everything together, and if you like your data nicely organized into google sheets – I think supermetrics can be a good solution for yourself.


  1. Ordermetrics 


Ordermetrics is a profit and loss software that integrates with ecommerce stores in order to pull their profit and loss numbers. Their dashboard – because its directly integrated with the Shopify API – pulls data from the storefront so that merchants can see their sales figures on a daily, weekly basis.

Their UI is slick and easy to use.  A major criticism of ordermetrics is the pricing for their software – with FULL features intact starts at a hefty $59/month which is quite expensive to some shopify merchants who pay $29/month for their Shopify basic subscription. 


Although they have a plan at $29/month – it says that you will only receive a lite plan which has limited functionality, which prevents you from having any 3rd party integrations – defeating the purpose of having a profit loss app in the 1st place. Although some people may have issues with its pricing, ordermetrics is a very well put  together application which has many integrations with the big shipping retailers such as aliexpress, Shipstation and Shiphero.

5. MagmaCharts


MagmaCharts is a profit and loss accounting app that introduces marketing insights and recommendations together with sales data from ecommerce stores. It integrates directly with the Shopify CMS platform system and is suitable if you want to keep track of your sales numbers, advertising spend as well as other marketing metrics such as Average order value.


MagmaCharts gives you insights such as – who your top customers are, where are they from and what pages are slow to load – so you can identify the chokepoints in your funnel to improve your sales and increase conversions.

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