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5 Tools To Spy On Your Shopify Dropshipping Competitors

The name of the game when it comes to doing product research, is to do some spying.

When spying on everyone’s ads, you should be thinking to yourself: “What can I sell next?”, “What niches should I focus on, which are doing well today”, “Is there viral products I can make a niche around?”

Why read this article?

Why read this article?

  • Learn the different methods to find good dropshipping agents
  • Learn how to weed out the good and bad agents/suppliers
  • Learn step by step how to fulfil orders with an agent

1. Pexgle

This all in one hunt winning products and ads toolkit is too useful for spying all your biggest competitors.
It’s a simple chrome extension that installs easily so you can use it for free straight away. Legally spy on any shopify store and discover: 1. Facebook Ads In case you do not know, Facebook info and ads now do not display the amount of views, shares and likes of a video. Pexgle is one tool that actually shows the best and most recent performing ads of any Shopify powered store. Simply click on it and it’ll pop up a page on Facebook.

2. Product Research
Quickly and easily find the newest products uploaded in the store. Given enough data based on real visitors and buyers, it also reads the best performing products at any Shopify store that is making money.

3. Target Audience
Get to know your competitors best traffic source, segmented by countries and facebook groups.

2. Ahrefs

Does your competitor rank at the top of Google for certain target keywords? They probably have a solid backlink profile. Ahrefs allows you to monitor what your competitors are doing, to rank well in the search engine

  • Simply enter your competitor’s URL and analyze:
  • What keywords are they ranking for
  • Ranking position of each keyword
  • How much traffic for your competitor’s site
  • Their PPC ad budget
Search for organic keywords and look at the top keywords your competitors are ranking for. Because organic search traffic is getting more competitive these days, it’s good to mimic the strategies your competitors are doing, and implement it to your site.
From this page, you can see where your competitors are getting the best backlinks from. You can see, for teespring, they have strong backlinks with high Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR). From here, you can practically see the best pages that are linked to their page. Reach out and build a good relationship with them, so you can have them link your website instead.

3. Shopify Hack

Not really a tool – but a hack that takes just seconds to implement and makes your life much easier.

How to determine the best products for any category

For this, let’s just assume that you’re a sock company and want to do research on your biggest competitor, Bombas.

Step 1- Navigate to any category/collection n your competitor’s page

For example:

Step 2 – Add ?sort_by=best-selling to the back of the link
For example:

In less than 15 seconds, you’re now able to know the best selling products for any category for Shopify stores.

4. BuiltWith

Builtwith is useful if you want to know the type of technologies and softwares your competitor is using on their website. Simply enter the URL into the search bar and see all the web tools in seconds! The best part is this function is absolutely free.

For example:

5. Mention

Whenever there’s a mention across the web or social media of your competitor, Mention will track and alert you via email. This is good as you can monitor both your competitor’s and your brand’s engagement and see who has a higher online presence.

Learn and mimic successful audience engagement
Uncover how relationships are built with customers and influence.
Discover new influencers in the industry that are working with your competitors.
Track location of mentions to find out the best geographic location that has your target audience.
You should also reach out to anyone who mentions your competitor, and offer them a better product, better service or solution. Get them off your competitor, and win higher market share.

Now that you know these tools and hacks .There’s no way you can’t do a great competitive analysis and product research from here onwards. It’s been a pleasure making lives easier bit by bit.

Now go out there and make some money!

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