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How Gabriel St Germain Dominated Ecommerce and dropshipping doing over 7 figures in sales

Gabriel St Germain, the canadian ecommerce legend on youtube that has one of the massive youtube channels with over 220,000 youtube subscribers has been inactive for several months at time of writing.


After coming onto the scene with massive transparency and long form youtube content that shows his exact sales and business managers, Gabriel has made a name for himself despite being extremely young.


He is estimated to be 21 years old this year (don’t quote us on this).


  • How a young 20+ year old can come in and found massive success at an early age with dropshipping

  • How Gabriel grew his charcoal brand to multi million dollar per year business

  • How you can follow his strategies to do the same

  • HOW Gabriel found massive success with dropshipping

    In one of his videos, Gabriel mentions that his success was not just an overnight journey. In the past, he was already making some money with CPA affiliate marketing and was already making decent money from there.

    He tested and learnt strategies by spending his own money with facebook ads and learnt how to do it before coming onto the scene. 

    Afterwards, he then realised that there was something called ecommerce and digital advertising fed a lot into that. He could sell physical products via dropshipping and he started testing out multiple niches but his big breakthrough came in with the beauty niche.

    While studying in year 2 university in engineering, Gabriel realised that he was making a ton of money while still doing this as a side hustle. This really empowered him as he realised if he took this thing full time, he would be making so much more money with it as he could just focus on 1 thing. 

     Afterwards, he just focused and the massive case studies he shows on youtube are the result of him hustling on the side during his school days.

    How Gabriel grew his dropshipping charcoal brand to a 7 figure business

    At this point in time, Gabriel was very much an expert in facebook ads. However, the reason why he was so much more successful than other people in the dropshipping space was that he was long term focused, was willing to spend ads to go into the red, as well as willing to spend money to acquire content assets that would grow the brand as opposed to just creating generic videos that ripped out content from other youtube videos.

    Gabriel was patient in his approach, he was willing to invest the profits in his brand into creating more brand assets – which allowed him to separate himself from other ecommerce dropshippers who were just in the business and used pictures and videos from the suppliers. 

    As Gabriel scaled further, he mentions also to take care of his customers by providing them 24/7 customer support service staff and a system that he entirely outsourced by creating SOPs around the customer support agent responses. 

    For a young 20 year old, that’s awfully smart. 

    He used a software called zendesk to automate this part of the process and handle his customer support team. This allowed Gabriel to free up his time, allowing him to focus on other parts of the business. 

    Another differentiating factor that Gabriel had was that he was long term focused and decided to private label his china made goods into a legitimate branded store that customers could trust. 

    He took the generic charcoal toothbrush brands and re-packaged them into branded charcoal products with its own logo – beauty charcoal. With this logo, Gabriel could position his product as a standalone brand, increasing his ability to increase its prices and increase his margins, making him more money in the process.

    The branding factor was an added advantage as his customers would think that this brand beauty charcoal was not just some generic dropshipping brand but an actual brand, hence boosting the conversion rate as well. 

    What lessons you can take from Gabriel and get similar results

    Even though these are not sexy lessons, these factors are quite essential to Gabriel’s success. 

    Transparency with his customers

    Gabriel runs a customer support team to support the customers in the ecommerce business. By taking care of his customers, this improves the customer feedback score. Although this may cut into the profit margin, Gabriel would rather take this approach and have a clean reputation with his customers. By doing things the right way, he doesn’t receive chargebacks or refunds, hence protecting his business and any payment processor accounts.

    Willingness to spend money to test and try

    In Gabriel’s legendary facebook ads tutorial, he shows that he was willing to spend up to $2-3k before he saw any profit come into his ads. He was willing to test products and collect enough data for his lookalike audiences longer than what his competitors were willing to do. Hence giving him an added advantage.

    By throwing things at the wall, at least he knows what works better than the rest of his dropshipping peers who probably only have 1 creative.

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