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How Kamil Sattar aka, The Ecom King got to an annual revenue of $3,000,000 at the age of 20.

Kamil Sattar, also known as “The Ecom King” is a British E-commerce entrepreneur with more than 3 companies, including his dropshipping businesses and digital marketing consulting.

At an age of 20, he has garnered an annual sale of $3,000,000.

$3,000,000 at an age of 20.

Let that settle in.

Most people work their whole lives to earn that amount, and Kamil did it before turning 21.

If that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is.

In this article, we analyse how Kamil operates and the reasons why he succeeded:

  • Why Kamil succeed while others fail
  • How Kamil sold over 1 million dollars in revenue at 19 years old
  • What would Kamil do today, if he were to start over from scratch


The reason why he succeeded is because he went all in on dropshipping – with the sole purpose of mastering it while others are all over the place. In a video, he talked about how 10,000 hours of doing something will lead you to the highest form of mastery and how he planned to do that for dropshipping back when he started.

He dropped out of college, quit his part time job, cut out his toxic friends, fixed a daily routine and stuck to it every single day until he found success.

It’s clearly his pure dedication and grind that led him to success.

Just by looking at his daily routine back in 2018, you can see the dedication and focus he had and still have for his businesses.

Daily Routine (20/30k/m profit):

6.30am – Wake up
Meditating for 20 minutes
Writing down all my short term goals for 10 minutes
7am- going for a 30 minute run
7.30am – hot shower
8am – check emails
10am – check ads manager
11am – check all my websites – customer behavior analytics
12.30 – launch adsets/ lunch
1pm – product creatives, videos, thumbnails
2pm – copywriting
3pm – product research
4pm – 30 minutes rest
5pm – watch courses for 1 hour
6pm – catch up with mentors
7pm – reflect over my day – what could be done better
8pm – read a book/ motivational film/tv series
9pm – spend time with partner
10.30pm – bedtime


Back in 2018, one of his winning products is the privacy phone screen which he created a one product store for, went straight into lookalike audiences and after 11 months of refinements and scaling, he hit 1 million in revenue. After all his expenses, he was left with a 24% net profit. He also had a Christmas store targeting Q4 selling gifts ranging from children’s toys to beauty products.

What he did next explains how he was able to emass success after success. He reinvested the money into more mentors and courses so he can 10x his results the next time, learnt different marketing strategies like youtube ads, bing ads, google ads, Tik Tok ads, and kept up with facebook ads strategies and updates regularly.

This is so he can dominate the new decade with new skills as things are changing dramatically.

Also, his ability to adapt and implement solutions quickly was one of the key factors for his success.

For example, with coronavirus, consumers’ buying behavior has changed and Kamil pivoted to selling products that suit that.

Kamil explained: “people aren’t buying your typical type of products anymore, most are buying products that can entertain them from home, or keep themselves looking good from home, those kinds of products”.

With that, he’s constantly on the lookout to match the consumer’s buying behavior and adapt quickly.


In an interview in May 2020, Kamil laid out his plan if he were to start all over, knowing what he knew now, to start a new brand/dropshipping business during the coronavirus pandemic phase.

Just like everything he does, Kamil likes to break up massive goals into mini tasks, and segment them by weeks. Each week is focused independently.

For week 1, it’ll be product research, niche research, fulfilment research and supplier research. Go on google trends and scour the internet for the top niches to get into – for now, it’s products that can be used at home (home gym, home cleaning devices, laptop stands, etc).

Next reach out to suppliers on aliexpress and ask if they are still operating, the shipping times and delays. Always make sure the logistic chain is on point.

For week 2, it’ll be building and optimizing of the website and setting up automations crucial for the business. Do research on the copywriting of the website and how to angle your marketing towards the pain paint of the customers – for example, everyone is locked up at home and they crave normalcy in their lives can be a huge pain point.

Build email automation to send out emails for shipping time delays, setting up discounts for 2nd product orders due to inconveniency of delays to increase AOV, etc.

Also, find out what the big guys and competitors are doing and write out ad copies and create videos for marketing.

For week 3, would be to use Twitter and Tik Tok as marketing channels to test for products for the business.

Why Tik Tok or Twitter instead of Facebook? At this particular time, the majority of people are on these two apps to seek entertainment and an outlet to complain/voice out their opinions. With Tik Tok, people are looking to have fun and what Kamil would do is to market his products with Tik Tok influencers in a fun and entertaining way. In his opinion, Titter and Tik Tok are the best marketing channels in this current situation right now.

For week 4, it’ll be maintaining and scaling his marketing strategies for the winning product. So just find more influencers for the product that has the most success.

You can find out more in the interview listed below:

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