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Kevin Zhang – How he generated $20 million dollars in his 1st year of ecommerce

$20. MILLION. 1 year. 

 What a headline… right?

 23 years old. 

Some crazy world we live in. Kevin Zhang is an ecommerce entrepreneur that is thriving in the ecommerce space and he has generated more than $20 million dollars in his 1st year of operations.


Featured on big publications such as Forbes business council, TEDx talks, MSNBC and yahoo finance, Kevin has found MASSIVE success in the ecommerce industry and has made waves. He runs multiple companies in his ecommerce consulting business with Kreator ecommerce as well as runs his dropshipping business which are his cash cows.


As a young entrepreneur, he also was a chosen speaker at one of the most respected ecommerce conferences, AW affiliate conference.


In this article, we analyse how Kevin operates and the reasons why he succeeded:

  • Find out why Kevin managed to succeed in dropshipping despite many failing

  • The systems and SOPs he built for himself that allowed him to scale

  • How he thinks and structures his team




After graduating from Vanderbilt university and despite getting an internship, full time job offer and Mckinsey, the top consulting firm in the world, Kevin chose to NOT take that offer and decided to pursue ecommerce full time.


Probably 95% of people in dropshipping fail because they don’t treat it seriously. Let’s give credit where credit is due,


Kevin took a massive chance on himself, gave up a spot at mckinsey and because his back was against the wall, that could definitely be a reason why he succeeded. Fear drives people.


In an interview with Alex fedotov, Kevin also explains that he used the knowledge that he learnt at mckinsey to operate his business. He learnt to delegate tasks, build strong teams by giving them extremely difficult tasks to solve and he lets them find a solution in groups of 4.


The man definitely knows how to operate.


Another key point that kevin mentioned was also the fact that despite generating more than $5 million in sales in his stores, he kept less than $35,000 in net profit at the end of the day, just so that he could invest in building his team and free up his time – to unlock scale. 


That’s smart.


Kevin treated it as a business, while others treated it as a side hustle.



At one of his AW affiliate conference talks, Kevin outlines how his team is built and why its so important to have structure and SOP to everything you do.


He mentioned that he thinks different from other dropshippers, who just want to keep profit, not take care of the customer and are short term focused…


Whereas he is extremely long term focused, understands that he needs to hire people smarter than him and focuses on building the business instead of being stuck in it.




From the operations that Kevin has, I think the most impressive thing is honestly his commitment to building a very strong team that can support him.


Although as the CEO he is the face of the company, he is able to have foresight into hiring personnel that ensures contingencies are taken care of as well as providing a fantastic customer experience.


In his AW affiliate talk, he mentions in his dropshipping business, he has a COO, marketing advertising manager, legal team, customer service and support team and such.

Kevin Zhang, even at a young age of 23, is a very matured entrepreneur who knows how to operate and deserves the success he has.


Now, he is also selling online courses alongside his dropshipping business and wishing him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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