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Top 5 Shopify Themes Proven To Convert

It’s essential for your store to convert at a high conversion rate. Traffic is super expensive. Here are the top 5 shopify themes that have been fan favorites and been proven to work for multiple merchants using Shopify.


Although these themes are paid themes, they have been proven to work – so its best to invest into something that’s actually proven.

1. Turbo Theme

A favorite of many dropshippers, the turbo theme was designed by dropshippers and includes many of the favorite conversion elements that people like to use.


Some features of the theme include a:
– Countdown timer

  • Cash boosting upsell

  • Clean footers

  • Any type of call to action buttons

  • Urgency sales ticker

  • Easy to implement trust badges

  • The add to cart button goes directly to the checkout page


All of these conversion focused elements are so dropship – but so effective. The product owner definitely does ecom himself and provided a great solution to the marketplace.

2. Prestige Theme

Prestige theme is a very expensive, elegant looking theme that gives off a high class fashion look that can be applied in many niches – especially for stores selling to women, including jewelry, high fashion clothing and makeup accessories.


Because prestige is part of the official shopify store as well, they have tons of support on the backend if you have issues that you may face. Many people have used it on their stores so getting your questions answered should not be a problem. 


The only downside is probably that if tons of people are already using this theme for a certain niche – your brand may not feel any different from theirs. 

2. Shoptimized Theme

The shoptimized theme is another fan favorite for those into dropshipping and created by another dropshipper. Built by a conversion rate expert Bradley Long, the theme is similar to Turbo just that Shoptimzied offers you a free video training course in addition to just the actual theme itself. 

Shoptimized was very popular especially during the shopify boom period of 2017-2019 and still remains a popular option among those starting in ecommerce.

3. Flow

Another very clean Shopify theme is flow. It resembles prestige in its wide open white spaces that makes it very elegant. Their product pages are aesthetically pleasing and bring about a high class feel – which definitely increases the perceived value of your brand.


Flow also has a generally high rating of 94% according to past purchasers and its support team is topnotch.


Check out the photos below of Flow in action. Although it doesn’t have all the conversion elements like Shoptimized, it definitely still gives you a nice looking shopify store out of the box.

4. Booster Theme

Lastly, the booster theme is one that is another popular dropshipping theme. Keep in mind that these themes incorporate all of the pop-ups and conversion hacks that most growth hackers and digital marketers use.

If you are running a branded ecommerce store, it would work just as fine although you may want to ask a developer to change the CSS of the elements to make it look less ‘scammy’ per se.


The best thing about Booster theme is honestly it’s page speed optimization feature. Booster claims that they make up till 56% less server requests than the overall theme, which increases the page speed dramatically.

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