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Top Reporting Apps Every Shopify Store Owner Should Look To Get

Setting up and analyzing your Shopify metrics can be a daunting task, but definitely important when it comes to making the right marketing decisions for your business.

Without analyzing your data, you wouldn’t know what’s working, what’s failing, and how to improve on your business. In this article are shopify apps that help you with your data tracking so you can make more sales!

1. Sensai Metrics

Imagine having a data science team by your side to help you with your decision making on your business. Sensai Metrics shows all your data in one place, and analyze them with machine learning algorithms.

One cool feature is the budget allocation, here it shows the breakdown of the marketing budget for each channel. And it even forecasts for you how much you’re going to make in the coming month based on machine learning.

Additionally, you can improve your conversion rate by finding insights on how your users are behaving on your store. Identify the role of every source in a customer’s journey towards conversion.

See how each traffic source takes part in the role of conversion, as the converting or assisting one.

SensaiMetrics comes with a 14-day free trial.

2. Magmacharts

Having a deep understanding of your profits, expenses, and marketing metrics are crucial when running an online business. Unfortunately, Shopify’s dashboard is not comprehensive enough as a reporting tool to manage all your costs and profits.

Magmacharts is an all in one tracking tool that calculates your true profit while accounting for even the most overlooked expenses such as; taxes, transaction fees, shipping costs.

Not only that, it also combines store profit data with ad-level data from your marketing channels like Facebook and Google.

Have beautiful reports that show your most profitable audiences, products, collections, locations, at a glance.

Get set up with Magmachats in just minutes, and see start tracking your data and making the next profitable step right away!

3. Lucky Orange Heatmap & Replays

Driving traffic to your website is one thing, converting them is another feat. It can be frustrating to have a low conversion rate but not know the reason behind it.

Lucky orange automatically creates a recording of every visitor to your website from the front page to the cart page. Discover the part of the funnel where the bulk of the visitors leave the website.

Filter and segment them to see exactly why customers are not converting, so you have a better understanding to fix it.

In addition to video recordings, they also offer heatmaps, live chat, and customer feedback.

With just $10 a month, and a 7 Day Free trial, there’s no harm in trying it out!

With that, we hope you got some value out of this article.

Go out there and make some money!

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