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John Yoon – The man behind verumecom and how he generated 500k profit in 1.5 months

We all know VerumEcom from youtube, and how they are changing the game of dropshipping education.

But do you know the man behind the face of the group, John Yoon?

Yoon has found massive success with not just his 8 ecommerce stores, he’s killing the game in his dropshipping education endeavours. With a facebook group of over 40k people and a youtube channel with 74.4k subscribers, it’s all surmountable by the amount of value he provides to his followers.

In this article, we analyse how Yoon operates and the reasons why he succeeded:
  1. Find out how Yoon got his start with dropshipping
  2. Why Yoon succeed while others fail
  3. The systems and hiring practices to scale

How John Yoon got his start with dropshipping?

At an age of 10 years old, Yoon leveraged his love for video games – Maplestory and runescape to make a whooping 10k/month, which he used a fake Australian Paypal Account to receive the money, as he’s way too young to sign up for one in the USA.

At such a young age, Yoon questioned if he should be spending time studying after realising about the endless opportunities to make money online.

“I got a taste of that super early on, so it made it really difficult for me to go to school”

Once a sophomore in college, Yoon got started with dropshipping and after failing twice, he managed to make his third store work out and got to about $1k+ profits a day.

Why Yoon succeed while others fail

Finding such success at a young age definitely gave John a heck of a confidence when starting out in any business venture.

In an interview, Yoon explains that he had 100% faith when building his first store, so even when it fails, he improves on it and moves on to the next store while implementing the things that he learnt along the way.

Basically, don’t give up – and treat it as a real business. Rome is not built overnight, and Yoon knew that.

Systems and hiring to scale

In one of his interviews, John Yoon quoted the importance of building systems and hiring a good team to delegate all his everyday tasks.

With a good eye for opportunity and potential, Yoon quickly took one of his best working employees back in 2017 that he saw potential in and got him to hire more people.

That started with the Indian employees all congregating in the person in charge’s house, and eventually progressed into an actual office space with 20 people.

That best employee actually built out a whole team of employees that he manages to this day, to cope with the scale that John is running at, without John doing the hiring – now that’s genius.

By hiring great A players, and delegating, Yoon not only free up his time, he can scale as efficiently as possible.

To him, it’s not just a dropshipping side hustle, it’s an actual business and it should be handled that way.

You can watch the full interview below!

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