Account Sync

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Account sync is the 1st thing you should do when setting up Magmacharts, this is the area which allow users to sync their:

  • Google ads account
  • Facebook ads account
  • Google Analytics Account

*Keep in mind that you can sync multiple accounts at one time so you can pull in data from multiple ad accounts at one time.

For Facebook:
Press the facebook sign in, and sign into your business manager account. Then select the ad account and tick the checkbox to confirm. Press submit when done.

For Google Ads:
Press the google sign in and sign into your google ads account. Afterwards, select the account ID that you want to sync your data with. Press submit when done.

For Google Analytics: (GA)
Press the google analytics sign in and sign into your GA account. Press the form field and select account, select your property and select view of your GA account. Press submit when done.

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