Highly Converting Video Ads For Facebook and Instagram

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This the ultimate guide to creating highly converting video ads that generate conversions for facebook/instagram ads.

This is especially important because the traffic on facebook is getting more expensive and you want to maximise the amount of conversions from your ad spend.

Video ads work very well on facebook – because it is a social platform that is tailored for people to interact with their friends, families and loved ones.

We call this formula the buzzfeed style video ad. The structure of the video ad is as follows:

Part 1: The hook

The hook consists of creating intrigue in the product. People are scrolling through facebook and you need to give them a reason to stop and take a look at what you have to offer.

These are some of the principles you can follow:

  • Something out of the ordinary/people would be curious to watch more/clickbait
  • CALL OUT your target audience

    Example 1: (eg. If you like cooking you probably…)

When you call out your target audience you need to isolate people who cook, alienate the rest because they are not target consumer. You want to be speaking to your target customer as the algorithm will start recognising a certain customer profile. 

Example 2: (eg. have you experienced this problem while running facebook ads?)
Isolates people who run ads, those who dont run ads are repulsed

  • Put in a Curious statement, creates intrigue, clickbait style:

    Example 1: (eg. 400 people have used this random brush to make their hair 50% smoother!)

Example 2: Accountant – (eg. paying taxes has never been easier… with this tool…)

Example 3: Protein powder – (eg. it was only after I ate x powder did i start growing muscle so fast…)

  • This can be text on the video or the first statement the person says


The hook can also be presented in the form of a question.

Kitchenware – (eg. don’t you just hate when the dishes are not washed?)

  • Should attack the most painful pain point of a person
  • If there is audio of someone talking, even better
  • If there is a physical product, show it immediately
  • First 5s of the video, the frame should change quickly to catch the attention (the 1st 5s is called the scroll stopper)
  • Facebook is a social platform and this is interruption marketing, so you must attack the pain point to make your audience CARE

PURPOSE of the hook: To create intrigue + Call out your audience

Part 2: The story explaining the features of the product/service you are selling

  • If there is a product, show the features of the physical product and what it does
  • When showing the features, remember to include people using the product, face is seen as well, smiling preferred
  • If there is the story of the founder eg. WHY the founder founded the brand and the motivation behind it, spell it out here, put B Roll over
  • If there are any scenes when there is no action in the shot OR nobody is talking → basically it gets slight boring for the audience → cut the footage (always be showing fast moving shots)

The story is the most important part of your ad. It is meant to agitate the pain points of the person and bring them deeper into believing the need for your product/service. Immerse them into a story here so that they are hooked and will keep watching.

  • You are meant to agitate the pain points DEEPLY here
  • MUST have some sort of narration throughout this part or a person in the video speaking
  • Remember to put your MOST ENGAGING footage in this section, give the people the BEST content 1st
  • Make it as idiot proof as possible and show the product being used

Part 3: The benefits 

If you have done a good job executing part 1 and part 2, the benefits are where you really seal the deal and get your prospect very excited about buying:

  • There are 3 overarching trends people buy into – health/wealth $/happiness OR social validation of others
  • Take your most impressive features of your product and explicitly spell out OR show on video the benefit
  • Benefits are different from features, benefits is HOW the persons lives will be positively affected
    [eg. feature = camera autofocus, benefit = super clear images of your friends and family]
  • People BUY OUT of their problems, to escape pain – so make the benefit RELEVANT to the person’s life

Part 4: Social Proof/testimonials

People trust other people. Simple. If other people have seen success with your product or service – that is a very powerful indicator that the product simply works. This creates enormous credibility and makes the conversion process much easier as well.

  • Look at how so many people have done it/have used the product! 
  • Show how other people have gotten great results with it
  • If there is a person talking about it great EVEN BETTER
  • If your product can be shot in motion eg. exercise band + the customer demos it → PERFECT
  • Show their faces
  • The more faces you show the better — people trust people, not brands
  • Testimonial should show how other people have used it as well

Part 5: Call to action 

After you have done all the work – now its time to ask for the sale. Don’t be afraid to sell, you have given enough value.

  • Your logo should be shown at the side to prevent people from stealing your copyright video footage 
  • At the end put Text on screen saying ‘click below to buy now’ or something else
  • Make it VERY explicit
  • Make it as easy as possible for your customers, they are super lazy, make it idiot proof
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