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We want to be constantly looking ahead and are excited to invite our most passionate members to suggest new product features as we built the best analytics platform for ecommerce in the market.

Below is linked the trello board where you can suggest any new product features or integrations that you want.

The trello board will be a public indicator to what features YOU want out of MagmaCharts and we will prioritise the product according to the needs of yourself as e-commerce store owners.

Our promise to you: We cannot take EVERY product feature requests but we will bust our asses to make sure we consider everyone and the community.

Feel free to add your suggestions here:

How to use the trello board: [Overview]

You will see the integration and feature boards being put up. Usually we will have some cards already up.

In every card, you can click into it as put in your comments as well.

Remember that you can upvote whatever feature/integration that you like to see being launched. Your vote means something!

Also, feel free to add in any comments of what you think about the product or have something else to suggest.

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