Setting Up Shipping Costs

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Your shipping costs refer to the amount you pay for shipping your physical product out to your customers. In this section, I am going to teach you how to configure your shipping costs.

First head over to the left sidebar > Integrations > Shipping Costs.

There are 2 ways for you to input your shipping costs, option 1A and option 1B.

Option 1A: Manually input shipping costs via CSV
If you have a supplier that manually passes you the COGS to your products you can manually input the shipping costs from your file over into the app.

Step 1:
Select the date range which you want from the top right date selector.

Step 2:
You can copy paste many rows at one time simply by (command/control + C) and pasting (command/control + V). The only 2 pieces of information you need are the ORDER ID and the Shipping costs. The app will automatically detect the order ID according to the data of your store.

Step 3:
Once you have pasted the information in the fields, you can press the SUBMIT button. If you want to CLEAR the information in the fields, you can just press clear.

Option 1B: Upload A CSV with your shipping costs date

Step 1:
Press the ‘click to import’ button then choose file. In your CSV, create the columns ‘Shopify Order ID’ and ‘Shipping Costs’ and populate them with your information. Press choose file, upload your CSV and press submit.

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