What is MagmaCharts?

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Magmacharts is a shopify app for easy profit & LTV tracking at a glance, with marketing insights designed to help you make your next profitable action.

Accounting is boring – but super important. So we took your income statement and profit calculator and made it – actually easy to read and understand – and EXCITING. [lol]

Being in the e-commerce space for a long time and running a lot of paid advertising in the process – we sought to solve our own issue with running our own e-commerce stores – it was so difficult to track how much PROFIT we were actually generating. 

We could spend $1000 per day across facebook and google, and experience the ROAS roller-coasters. We could do manual google sheets tracking and find the true profit value eventually but it was just too much of a hassle – and time is money. Time that can be spent on customer service, scaling ads or just literally doing anything else. 

It didn’t matter that we made $1m on Shopify, what matters is how much profit and free cash flow goes back into your pocket.

‘Revenue is vanity. Profit is insanity. Cash is reality.’

That’s why we created MagmaCharts. To truly understand the financials of your e-commerce business, drive growth and scale confidently.

All we care about is that you enjoy using MagmaCharts and that it legitimately helps you drive your business forward. We want to hear your feedback and we are going to constantly improve MagmaCharts for the long term – so please – if you have any feature or button built – do let us know, and I’ll see whether we can include it in our next development cycle.

To your success,

-James Yeung, CEO MagmaCharts

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