Who Is MagmaCharts designed for?

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MagmaCharts is designed for the e-commerce store to know EXACTLY what their current position in terms of profitability is.

Previously, it was extremely cumbersome to be going back and forth to check how your facebook or google ads are doing as opposed to your actual revenue output on Shopify, magento, webflow etc.

We aim to be the central place that you go to when you just want to understand – what the heck is happening in your business – at any point in time.

MagmaCharts strips out all of the fluff vanity metrics – metrics that you may not use at all – and focus on informing you of the conversion orientated metrics such as conversion rate, time on site so that you know EXACTLY what to do to increase your sales and make more money.

It is extremely important to understand your income statement – how much money is being spend on paid advertising – cash in and cash out on a daily-weekly-monthly basis and that is one of the cornerstone features of our application too.

Furthermore, because online marketing paid advertising is such a crucial part of traffic, conversion and sales for your business, MagmaCharts comprises of different analytical tools that extract information from your:
– Paid Marketing Channels
– Email Channels
– Shopify store (shipping, taxes)
– Transaction fees & discounts

We want to be MagmaCharts to be the hub of your e-commerce business. So if you have any suggestions that may help you:
– Make more profit
– Drive more impact for your business
– Make your life easier

We want to hear it!

Now…. go out there and grow your business!

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